Where it all started


Husky / Pitbull

Tucker was a little puppy the day we brought him home.  He loves to explore and go for car rides. If you offer to give him belly rubs he will be your best friend for life. He is now 13 years old and loves to follow you where ever you go. His favorite thing to do is go for hikes off leash in the woods. Tucker knows many tricks but his best is play dead and to say I Love You!



Pitbull / German Shepherd

We had to say goodbye to Mika in 2019. She was our all around good dog. Any situation we put her in we knew we could trust her. We called her our Nanny Dog because Mika watched over our kids no matter how old they were. She taught our kids what life with a dog is all about. The bond she built with our family could never be replaced. Mika would come to work and help clients dogs build their confidence. On her days off she would stand in water all day long and try to catch a fish!



Australian Shepherd / Queensland

Miss Lilly is a fan favorite! She is a people pleaser and loves to be right at your side. She is very motivated by the ball and would play fetch all day long if we let her. She knows all the basic commands and loves to off leash run next to a bike. We call Lilly our trick dog because she can perform many fun tricks such as Sit Pretty, Spin, Jump in between arms, jump off a tree, pray, high five and many more! If you give her affection she will be your best friend forever!



Cocker Spaniel

Bowe became a member of our family in 2019. He was about 11 weeks old and had a lot to learn! Mika and Lilly gladly took him under their wings to show him what life was all about. Bowe is very food motivated and will wiggle his little tail as fast as he can when someone comes to greet him. He is a dog that loves to work his nose. His favorite place is in the woods, if Bowe could live outside and just come home for dinner he would!



Koda has come a long way! She did not trust humans when she first joined our pack. She would bark , lunge, growl at any human on walks and through her crate. She had no confidence and felt the need to immediately guard and protect. She  has overcome many obsticles and continues to become a well balanced dog every day. She is doing a great job and is now our K9 helper when it comes to working with clients and dog on dog scenarios.



All training services require an Initial Consultation to help us provide you and your dog with the appropriate training plan that best fits your needs. Consults include a review of history, assessment, future training plan & recommendations.