- For the safety of you and others, face masks are required to attend and participate at all times.

- All classes are required to pre register to reserve your spot.

- 1 person per dog will be allowed so we can safely comply with social distancing guidelines.


Please provide the following: 

  1. A four or six foot-long leather or nylon leash (thickness should correspond to the size of the dog). Retractable leashes are not allowed for training. 

  2. A proper fitted collar in good condition. Martingale collars are recommended but not required. 

  3. All dogs should have identification. A simple-to-read ID tag stating the owner’s name and phone number should be attached to each dog’s collar.

  4. Each owner is required to bring their own treat pouch to use during class. 

  5. 3 Different types of treats. Kibble, soft, and stinky pea-sized treats that your dog really likes. Lots of them! Make sure your dog has a good appetite.

  6. A bully stick, stuffed kong or bone your dog really likes to each class.

  7. A bowl and water for your dog.

  8. A roll of dog waste bags.

  9. Proper shoes prevent injury. No open-toed shoes or sandals please. 

_Closed on the following Holidays_
New Year's Eve & Day
Easter Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Christmas Eve & Day