The Right Way To Socialize Your Dog

K9 Loyalty Training L.L.C. provides group classes out & about in the real world. It is important to properly socialize your dog and expose him/her to new locations, people, dogs, distractions, etc. During our classes, we focus on how to Heel your dog at your side while passing and greeting other dog owners on leash without reactivity. This will help you gain control and be successful on outings and adventures with your dog in real life situations. By learning how to maintain a Heel position and handle dog on dog interactions and scenarios, you will build confidence and be on the path to success. To ensure that we know everyone coming, our group classes are offered to private training clients only to enhance their training. 

Items to bring to class: 

  1. A four or six foot-long leather or nylon leash (thickness should correspond to the size of the dog). Retractable leashes are not allowed for training. 

  2. A proper fitted collar in good condition. Martingale collars are recommended but not required. 

  3. All dogs should have identification. A simple-to-read ID tag stating the owner’s name and phone number should be attached to each dog’s collar.

  4. Each owner is required to bring their own treat pouch. 

  5. 3 Different types of treats. Kibble, soft, and stinky pea-sized treats that your dog really likes. Lots of them! Make sure your dog has a good appetite.

  6. A bowl and water for your dog.

  7. A roll of dog waste bags.

  8. Proper shoes prevent injury. No open-toed shoes or sandals please. 



All training services require an Initial Consultation to help us provide you and your dog with the appropriate training plan that best fits your needs. Consults include a review of history, assessment, future training plan & recommendations.


"When we first got our puppy, a neighbor referred us to Crista from K9 Loyalty to walk our puppy during the day. She was responsible, flexible, and truly loved spending the time with our boy. We also enrolled in obedience classes and it made all the difference in the world! I would recommend K9 Loyalty to anyone and everyone looking for dog training. She made the class fun, and was able to answer any questions we had, even on a random Friday night. She has become our “go-to” for any training related questions! If you are debating which dog trainer to use, the search ends here- use K9 Loyalty!!!"



"Crista is friendly, patient and truly loves all the dogs in her class. The group class was great and we learned a lot about training our golden doodle puppy, Porter. We definitely recommend K9 Loyalty!"