K9 Loyalty Training L.L.C. provides real life group classes. After having a session with our Trainer, you are qualified to sign up for a group class. Our groups are for existing private session clients only to help enhance their training. We restrict our classes to ensure that we know everyone coming. It is important for owners to already have the same understanding on how to have your dog in a controlled and structured heel while on a walk. 


  • HEEL AT YOUR SIDE. How to Heel your dog while passing and greeting other dog owners on leash without reactivity.

  • PROPER SOCIALIZATION. Properly socializing your dog isn't taking your dog to the dog park, as many dog owners may think that is true. Exposing your dog to new locations, new dogs, scents, distractions, etc. is a key component to having a confident dog in real life situations.

  • BUILDING CONFIDENCE. Our group teaches you, the owner, how to handle dog on dog interactions and scenarios. This will help you be successful on outings and adventures with your dog.


$40 for one dog

$55 for two dogs

To sign up for a class, please contact us at

*Cancellation Policy: Due to limited spots, there is a $15 fee for canceling within 24 hours of the class.