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As balanced trainers, it is important to be clear, consistent and have correct timing in order to receive real world results. By using positive reinforcement and reward-based methods to teach your dog obedience, you will start to learn to enjoy a happier life with your companion by your side. We understand that each dog is an individual and there are many ways to train a dog. We customize our training programs to fit your dogs needs as well as your lifestyle by teaching new behaviors that will motivate your dog as well as achieve desirable behaviors. 


Our intent is for training to be equally as exciting for you, the owner, as it is for your dog. Our goal is to provide a welcoming real life environment where you can overcome challenges while learning and building a bond with your dog.

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"Crista at K9 Loyalty is our go-to for anything training related. She has helped make a big difference in many aspects of our dogs behavior through both private and group lessons. She is extremely knowledgeable and skilled, and she is so kind about sharing all of that with her clients. We will always go back to her when we need refreshers or to tackle new challenges."



"This place is amazing Crista is so good with dogs and very patience when they are stubborn. You can see how much she cares and love dogs"